French Language Classes

At DDGI, French language is thought to the students as a part of their curriculum by highly qualified and trained personnels.

Importance of French

With English, French is the only other “international” language, being spoken in 5 continents. The international body supervising the following of French as a language is known as the International Organization of Francophonie, which has 51 countries as its member states and out of these 51 states, 28 countries have French as their official language.Prof. Asha Chandra Learning French can open a number of doors to employment in a variety of occupations such as in teaching, translation, interpreting and the travel industry. It greatly improves your chances of success in the job market.Learning French is also one step to joining the ranks of the cultural elite. It is one of the great languages of the world and learning it, is as it is all over the western world, part of a world-class education.

Message of the French Teacher

The great demand of Indians for job abroad and multinational setting up industries and offices in India has now made it essential to study some foreign languages like French and German....French is the most spoken language in the world after English.

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