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Pharmaceutical industry is vast and growing worldwide. Increasing number of hospitals, clinics, private nursing homes, chemist’s shops, drug research institutes and pharmaceutical companies all over the country, is clear indication of the growing scope in this area. A total of 750 drug manufacturers are currently in operation employing thousands of professionally trained pharmacists across the length and breadth of India.B.Pharmacy

Pharmacists play a key role in the treatment of disease. They advise both doctors and patients about the dosage, interaction, and side-effects of medication. Post-graduate pharmacists are involved in researching new medication for drug companies or monitoring drug therapy at hospitals and clinics. Government economists and healthcare planners expect job growth for pharmacists to be faster than the average for all careers in the next two decades. Even now, there are not enough pharmacists to fill job openings, and the country is expecting a shortage.

Job growth is expected in part because the aging Indian population will need more and more medications. Advances in science such as genetic and biotechnical research should also create more drugs and, therefore, more opportunities for pharmacists. Finally, pharmacists are needed to compare the costs and benefits of certain medication for India’s Department of Health & Welfare.

The pharmaceutical sector in India is growing by leaps and bounds and so the clinical research. Globally, clinical research was estimated to be around 5-6 billion market in 2002 and is expected to touch $ 10 billion by 2007. Clinical research performance in India in 2001-02 was estimated at $ 70 million and is growing at the rate of around 20 percent per annum. About 80 governments and private Indian hospitals are engaged in global and local clinical traits about the effects of certain drugs on critically ill patients. Clinical research outsourcing continues to be one of the fastest growing areas for new investments by multinational companies in the country. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, has recently doubled its R & D outlay for India. Other equally reputable drug companies, such as Novartis, Astra Zeneca and Eli Lilly have committed to make India a global hub for their clinical traits. Clinical research is estimated to be $ 1 billion opportunity for India by 2010, and would generate over 50, 000 high-end jobs for people connected with the pharmaceutical industry, either directly or indirectly. In a nutshell, there are unlimited job opportunities in the pharmaceutical area, not only within the country but also abroad. What is needed is to provide the pharmacy students with the required training to take on the challenges of healthcare on a global scale.

Dayanand Dinanath College, Institute of pharmacy has been established with the avowed purpose of raising a crop of professionally trained pharmacists who could respond to the challenges of future. At its modern campus the pharmacy graduates shall acquire the essential competencies to practice pharmacy at a high standard in an evolving healthcare environment and make a possible contribution to the health of the community.

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