Name of Laboratory Major Equipments
Pharmaceutics Lab I Ball Mill,  Magnetic Stirrer, Electronic Balance, Viscometers, Stop-Watches, Filteration units, Glassware, Mortar and Pestles etc.
Pharmaceutics Lab II Friability Apparatus, Dissolution Apparatus, Disintigration Apparatus, Mortar and Pestles, Glassware, Electronic Balance, Hardness Testing Apparatus etc. 
Machine Room Conical percolator, Hot Air oven, Centrifuges, Mixers, Mortar and Pestles, Tincture press, Remi stirrers, Filtration units, Test tube shaker, Tablet punching machine, Tray Dryer, Ointment Filling and sealing Machine, Filter press, Sigma Blender, Granulator, Semiautomatic liquid filling machine, Digital Balance, Multimill, Coating sprayer, Capsule filling machine, Injection filling macine, ampolue washing machine, Suppository moulds, Prescription balances, Distillation unit etc...
Pharmaceutcial Chemistry Lab I Hot air ovens, Fuming cupboards, Vacuum pumps, Mixers, Melting point apparatus, Viscometers, Digital Balance, Hot plate, Water Bath, Magnetic Stirrer etc. 
Pharmaceutical chemistry Lab II Roatary Vacuum Evaporator, Refractometer, Stalagmometers, Hot plate, Viscometers, Digital Balance etc.
Central Instrumentation Room 8 set dissolution rate test apparatus, Digital balances, Analytical Balances, UV - Spectrophotometer, UV Cabinet, Microscope, Colorimeter, Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Flamephotometer, Fluorimeter, Refractometer, Polarimeter, Digital pH meters, Conductivity meters and Potentiometric titrator,Centrifuge Machine, Sonicator, Moisture content apparatus, Dizital Balance etc.
Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab Filtration Unit, TLC unit, Electronic Balance, Glassware, Mortar and Pestles etc.
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology Lab Hemocytometers, Hemoglobinometers, Microscopes,  Stethescope, BP Apparatus, Thermometer, Human skeleton, Bones, Charts, Spot slides Models, Spirometer etc.
Pharmacology Lab Organ Baths, Kymograph, Sherrington Rotating Drums, Analgesiometer, Pole climibing apparatus, Histamine chamber, Activity Cage, Rota Rod Apparatus, Electro-convulsiometer, Digital Balance etc.
Pharmacognosy Lab Simple Microscopes, Compound microscopes, Eye piece micrometer, Stage micrometers, Camera Lucida-Mirror and Prism type, Hot air oven, Muffel furnace, Vacuum film evaporator, UV Cabinet, Chromatography apparatus, Soxhlet apparatus, TLC Kit, Double distillation glass apparatus, Clavenger apparatus, Steam distillation unit, Crude Drugs etc..
BIochemistry, Biotechnology & Microbiology Lab Colorimeter, Centrifuge, Digital Glucometer, Glassware, Incubator, Microscopes, BOD Incubator, Laminar Air-Flow Bench, Hot air ovens, Autoclaves, Refrigerator, Aseptic cabinet Conical flask Shaker, Antibiotic zone reader, Colony counter, Projection Microscope, Binocular Microscope, etc...

Speciallised Pharmaceutics Lab for

M. Pharm.

UV - Spectrophotometer, UV Cabinet, 8 set dissolution rate test apparatus, Digital balances, Analytical Balances, Microscope, Colorimeter, Digital pH meters, Centrifuge Machine, Sonicator, Moisture content apparatus, Dizital Balance etc.
Computer Lab Equipped with 20 centrally attached computers with Wi-fi internet support

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